Moods of Norway!

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Moods of Norway has arrived with their beautiful Pop colors for Spring/Summer.

Oluf Tonning Herringbone Suit

Herringbone blue, Oluf Tonning coat, $449, with Even Flo slim pants, $229.

Oluf Tonning Herringbone Front

Oluf Tonning coat in Herringbone

Oluf Tonning Lining

We love the beautiful linings in these coats!

Oluf Tonning Cuff Detail

It’s always all about the details with Moods of Norway.

Even Flo Herringbone Front

Plain view of the Even Flo pants, $229. We have these in blue herringbone as well as the blue in the suit below.

Geir Tonning Suit

Geir Tonning Suit coat, $449, with Even Flo pants, $229, both in Dark Stone plain weave fabric.

Geir Tonning Lining

Another beautiful lining.

Geir Tonning Suit Detail

A close up on the fabric for you.


Arne Vik contrast collar shirt, $139.


Kristian Vik Check Shirt

Kristian Vik Check Shirt, $139

Kristian Vik Check Fabric


Per Vik Tractor Fields Short Sleeve, $129.


Per Vik Tractor Fields Detail

Detail on the fabric and buttons.