Alterations and Repairs

Kuhlman offers repair and alteration services for garments whether they were originally purchased here or not. Services offered include, but are not limited to, hemming/cuffing pants and jeans, taking in/letting out waists of pants, jeans and skirts, shortening/lengthening skirt and dress hems, shortening/lengthening coat and jacket sleeves, relining garments and darning and patching torn denim. (This last service is an excellent way to keep from having to retire your favorite jeans. We put a piece of new piece of denim under the area to be repaired and stitch back and forth over the top in such a way to blend the repair to match the surrounding fabric. The charge is $10 per two (2) linear inches of tear/ hole.)

We are not able to alter or repair leather garments at this time. We can however reline most leather coats and jackets.