Nixon Fall Fashion

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Captain Jacket
Captain Jacket II $169

Fineline ZipHoodie
Fineline Zip Hoodie $102

Flurry Jacket
Flurry Jacket $135

Corporal Jacket

Corporal Jacket $113

Sedgwick Women's Jacket

Sedgwick Women’s Jacket $123

Satisfaction II Women's Jacket

Satisfaction II Women’s Jacket $102

Artisan Sweater

Artisan Sweater $79

Everyday Scoop Tee
Everyday Scoop Tee $47

Waterlock Backpack

Waterlock Backpack $113

The Smith Skatepack
The Smith Skatepack $68

Treehugger Tote
Tree Hugger Tote $40

Stopper Tote
Stopper Tote $72

Fleet Lowslung Purse
Fleet Lowslung Purse $61

The Bergen Beanie

Nixon Fall Fashion, a set on Flickr.

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